This is a FUN, charity pageant that will benefit a local community center and athletic group. You can help supply them with daily needs. Since this is a CHARITY pageant, each contestant is asked to bring in at least 1 NEW toy for Easter baskets and 2 non-perishable items. Each year Perry Food Center does easter baskets for those in need and they have asked us to collect toys for them.

EVERYONE will go home with a sash and tiara/crown!

Accepting up to 30 contestants.

Age groups:

Boys - all ages










Registration will open on October 25, 2015

$25 Deposit will hold your spot. No spots will be held without a deposit. Once all spots are full, we will begin a waiting list.

EarlyBird-Registration paid BEFORE Dec 1st - girls $75 boys $40 (Price includes Beauty and Theme Wear)

Registration paid AFTER Dec 1st- girls $90 boys $50 (Price includes Beauty and Theme Wear)

Must be paid in full by Dec 1st to receive earlybird discount.

FINAL PAYMENT must be paid by January 30th, 2016

Package Discount Girls:

All-inclusive package includes beauty, theme wear, photo, talent and OOC (anything goes)

EarlyBird PAID in full Before Dec 1st earlybird deadline = $90

Paid in full after Dec 1st deadline = $110

Package Discount for Boys:

All inclusive package includes beauty, theme wear, photo, talent and OOC (anything goes)

EarlyBird-PAID in full Before Dec 1st bird deadline = $60

Paid in full after Dec 1st deadline = $75

Each contestant will receive a t-shirt to be worn for crowning, Additional shirts can be purchased for $10 each.

If ordering additional shirts, they MUST be paid for before order is put in. There will be a cutoff date for orders, If you do NOT order your extra t-shirt and pay by the deadline you will not receive a shirt. Please wear black pants or skirt with shirt for crowning.

Optional extra include:

Talent - $20 (boys and girls)

OOC Anything goes - $20 (boys and girls)

Sibling discount of $10 for first additional child, $15 for the second additional child from the same family.

Theme Wear- Anything surrounding royalty, from the red carpet to the Magic Kingdom. Be creative, shine like you are a star, princess or king! WOW the judges with your personality! Costume makeup is allowed for all ages. If during your routine, your dress or skirt comes up, you MUST wear shorts or spanks underneath. If this is the case, please let us know upon check in. Bellies can show. You will have 90 seconds on stage. Provide your own music and you must have your music preapproved before the set deadline to avoid over use of the same song, and make sure they are censored. Due to size of stage no big gymnastics moves are allowed (such as flips), but tumbling is ok.

Beauty – dresses can be long, short, baby doll or cupcake dresses. Stoning is allowed however the amount of stoning needs to be natural to semi-glitz. No high glitz dresses. Light makeup ONLY for ages under 6. This means light or clear lip gloss ONLY for 3 and under, 4-5 can wear mascara and lip-gloss, and 7+ can also wear eye shadow, foundation & blush. NO excessive makeup, no heavy or dark makeup (there will be deductions for this). Please follow the “no boobs, no butts, no bellies” rule. No low cut dresses, no butt cheeks showing when you bend over and no bellies. There will be deductions for violating the beauty dress code. NO fake eyelashes, no flippers, hair pieces can be used but must match your natural hair color. Fake nails are allowed. LIGHT tanning ok. If your tan looks too dark or unnatural you WILL loose points. 60 seconds on stage and music will be provided. Boys wear your “Sunday’s Beat” or suit/tie or tux.

Photos- You must submit a photo to be eligible for the Photo Supreme. Photos should be full color headshot. There will be a photogenic winner in each age group, who will get small trophies and we will be crowning an Overall Photo Winner in each division with a trophy. PHOTOS must be sent in to a week before the pageant. If you do NOT send a photo by the photo deadline you will NOT be eligible for photo prizes. You may not submit a photo the day of the pageant.

Natural Photogenic – Light photo shopping ONLY for natural entries. Photos that are highly photoshopped, airbrushed, etc, will be disqualified. Boys and girls can with this. This does not count towards Mini, Grand or Ultimate Supreme titles.

Talent – There will be a Talent Supreme crown. $20 to enter. You have 2 minutes on stage. You can sing, dance, do a routine, do a cheer, twirl a baton, play an instrument. Due to size of stage no big gymnastics moves are allowed (such as flips), but tumbling is ok. Boys and girls can enter. If atleast 5 people enter talent, there will be a first runner up crown. Crowning will be separate, so you can be double crowned! Depending on the number of entries, we might split talent into 2 age groups.

OOC (Outfit Of Choice-anything goes) – same rules as OOC theme, but this can be ANYTHING you choose. No set theme. $25 to enter. (If you enter this the higher of the 2 OOC scores will be used for the final scoring). Due to size of stage no big gymnastics moves are allowed (such as flips), but tumbling is ok.

Possible titles in order (from highest to lowest):

Ultimate Grand Supreme – overall highest

Grand Supreme – Divisional

Mini Grand Supreme – Divisional



Ultimate, Grand and Mini Grand winners will all receive a crown, sash and trophy.

Queens and Kings will receive a crown and sash.

OVERALL THEME (Double Crowned)---We will be awarding a Theme Wear overall crown and trophy to the contestant with the highest theme wear score. There will be a theme wear winner in each age division.

OVERALL OOC (Double Crowned)---We will be awarding an OOC overall crown and trophy to the contestant with the highest OOC score. Theme wear will not count for this as it has its own overall category.

OVERALL BEAUTY (Double Crowned)---We will be awarding an OOC overall crown and trophy to the contestant with the highest beauty score. There will be a beauty winner in each age division.

Divisions will be determined by entries. We will start with 0-4, 5-8 and 9+, however this may change to ensure there is an even playing field.

Side awards will be best eyes, smile and hair, which will be given out in each age group.

DUOS - $20 per pair. At least one person in the duo MUST be a contestant in the pageant. The other person can be a friend, family member, or fellow contestant. You get up to 90 seconds on stage. You can do a routine, a dance, a talent, ANYTHING you wish. You MAY enter more than 1 duo, however you will have to pay for each duo you are in. Dress code is the same as theme wear. Due to size of stage no big gymnastics moves are allowed (such as flips), but tumbling is ok.

What are the judges looking for? The judges are looking for REAL smiles, natural smiles (not forced), someone who looks like they enjoy being on stage (not scared). Facial Expressions and personality are HUGE for them. Remember this is for FUN and the more fun you look like you are having the better you will score!

Charity Queen/King – whoever brings in the most donated items for our charity will win this.  Items needed: New Toys and non-perishable food items.  Since this is a charity pageant, we ask that each contestant bring atleast 3 items from the list to be donated.

There will be a referral incentive. For every person who registers and puts you down as a referral, you will get $10 off the registration fee! They must put your name down on the registration form.

Each contestant can have one adult enter for free to assist them. $5 donation at the door for additional guests.

You may not speak with the judges before or during the pageant. Scores will be tallied by a tallying software. JUDGES decisions are FINAL!!

In the event of a tie for a supreme or queen title, the highest beauty score will be the winner. If the scores in the categories are exactly the same, contestants involved will answer an on stage question. They will be judges on their answer, confidence, stage presence and ability to “think on their feet”.  All other ties will be broken by the judges.

Any questions please PM Amanda Hamilton-Burkholder or email and put Talents-N-Tiaras as the subject.

Payments should be sent via PayPal to and pls pick the family/friend option. Thank you!


Unsportsmanlike behavior will NOT be tolerated. This is a fun, charity pageant. We do not want to hear parents or children bashing other people’s kids. If you are rude to the other parents and/or children or using foul language, you will be asked to leave. You will be disqualified from the competition.

Date of event is subject to change. Age groups subject to change at director’s discretion. In the event that there is only 1 person in any age group, the contestant will move up to the group. Can only move down if they had a birthday within the last 30days prior to the event.

There will be a few vendors, raffles and food concessions. Be sure to invite your family and friends to come along and watch.

Raffles- We will have a few baskets to raffle off. You can bring a basket valued $10-$20 (limit 2 per contestant) to donate and in return you will get 25 tickets per basket. Winners MUST be present to win raffled items. If someone leaves before the raffles are drawn, they forfeit their chance to win and another ticket will be drawn.

NO REFUNDS ON DEPOSITS OR FEES. This is a charity pageant and all monies collected are considered a donation to our charity groups


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