Submission Requirements:


1.       Registration Form
2.       Entry Fee
3.       Full length Individual Picture of each team member (Must be able to see ENTIRE body including feet).


IF you do not submit any piece, you will be disqualified!! 
·        All members must commit to be up-front & honest with their weight & any challenge submissions.
·         Initial Weigh-In must be during the enrollment period.  Contest Manager must be present or have approved a valid submission method.
·         Weigh-Ins are every Monday.  Your weight must be turned in by 9PM.  If any person misses more than 3 weigh-ins, they will not qualify for any of the prizes.
·         All members should do their best to complete SweetPea’s Weekly Fitness Drills and attend as many challenges as possible.
·         All grand prize winners will be required to weigh-in with the contest manager before receiving their prize(s).
·         All Entry fees are non-refundable.
·        Contest Manager will make any necessary calls on fairness, sportsmanship, and any contest related concerns/issues.




Mail form & enrollment fee to:  Float Away Designs LLC    OR       Drop off at:  Buckeye Auto Sales of Geneva

                                                          5904 Keith Dr                                              4756 N Ridge E

                                                          Madison, Ohio 44057                                     Geneva, Ohio 44041



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