Here are a few ideas for a Carnival theme.  

This popcorn is a huge display & is roughly $225

However a small version to put on the table would be about $25. 

I thought hats might be a fun option.   $2.50ea

If you order over 20, they are $2.00ea.

Clown Element can be down in any shape and size. 
The 1st one is a standing life size.  Roughly as pictured he would be $95. 
The 2nd one is a table centerpiece = Roughly $30
The 3rd is a 3ft Clown Head = $30 

The Deluxe Clown (yellow, blue, white & black clown)stands abour 8ft in the air and is $175 

PotBelly Clown (purple & yellow clown) is $35.  He does have a face unfortunately it turned when before I snapped the pic


<--Sample Arches in carnival colors on price list. 

Columns can come in so many variations.  Basic columns start at $10 a foot. 

Balloon Towers maybe a good option for adding color & filling space. Pic below.

<--Top Hats start at $20 


Please remember we can pretty much create any element of the carnival surroundings you may want.



We can add animals to the mix like tigers, bears, giraffes, lions, gorillas....



Caterpillar Theme

The price on these are going to be based on size and number needed. 

Please note that not all of the designs above were created by Float Away Designs LLC, however all designs can be recreated by them. 


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